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How Reseller Hosting Works

Reseller hosting, also known as reseller web hosting, is defined as a form of web hosting in which the customer may resell his own hard drive space and bandwidth to third parties.  Knowing the definition of the term, the next question is, how does it work? First, the reseller buys the web hosting provider’s services. He will be provided with a disk space and bandwidth on his account. Second, he sells a portion of his disk space and bandwidth to his own clients. There are two options that a reseller may choose from. One, he may rent a server from the web hosting company where he purchased the service. Second, he may resell shared hosting services in which he will be given the authorization to sell a portion of his disk space and bandwidth to his own clients.

The usual reseller hosting providers are those web design firms or web developers who offer this kind of service as an additional option. This is because they acquire additional profit from it. Reseller hosting is also considered as an inexpensive way of starting a business for web hosting entrepreneurs. A reseller hosting provider may create his own plan and have a different pricing structure. Usually,  resellers set up control panels and name servers. The well-known Control Panels list includes WHM/cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin and H-Sphere. They can also manage customer accounts in this web interfaced control panels.

Being a reseller hosting company does not need broad knowledge with regards to the technical aspect of web hosting. Usually, the one responsible for maintaining the network and hardware is the data center operator. Configuration, security and update tasks done to the server is the responsibility of the server owner. The only responsibility of the reseller is to interface with his/her own customer base. Things other than that – like hardware, software or connectivity problems – should be forwarded to the server provider from whom the reseller service was purchased.

There are also sites which provide ranking for the best web hosting resellers on the net. It is always important to check such a site before purchasing any kind of service. Lists are usually generated from thousands of forum posts and customer reviews. Based on their rankings, you can determine which reseller hosting company is the best fit for your needs.  Many of the best reseller hosting sites will have features such as unlimited account capacity for reselling to clients, a high number of hosted domains, as many sub domains as you may need, and a large number of email accounts, MySql Databases, FTP accounts. They may also offer free cPanel accounts, WHM Admin Control Panels, Automated Billing Systems, Website Templates, Domain Reseller Accounts, Site Building Software, and a lot more. Some of them also offer unlimited disk storage and bandwidth.

Price can range from $4.95 – $100 a month depending on which reseller plan you wish to purchase. Of course, the cheaper ones have fewer features compared to the more expensive ones. They may also provide 24/7 support if there are problems, questions, comments and suggestions.

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